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Wild Penetration

Magician shows 4 silver coins and put them into a coin box, instantly 4 coins go through the table, only empty coin box remains on the table, magician try to do it again, this time, the coin box through the table, the 4 coins remain on the table, magician try to do the last time, but this time never works again, all the coins change into Chinese coins.
The Ramsay Cylinder
Magician put a cork in an empty tube, and place four coins in a coin box. Four coins disappear from the coin box, and the coin box disappears, then the four coins and box appear in the empty tube with cork on it. The coins and box disappear from the tube, and reappear in magician’s hand, leave only the cork in the tube.
 Any card Rising
Magician show a new deck of cards, Audience exam the card box, and shuffle the deck, any spectator name any one or two cards, Audience place the shuffled deck back into the card case, randomly named cards by the audience mysteriously rose from the pack.

Time traveler
Magician open a brand new deck of cards, one card selected and signed, the signed card sandwiched in between the two jokers, the signed card visual disappeared and reappear in other empty hand, then the jokers and signed card disappeared again, relocate in the sealed brand new deck of cards, locate in the exactly position with signature on it, at the end, the signature disappeared, the card remain the original face.

Signed Card travel to any where for example Brand new Deck of cards, wallet
Black art in close up magic
20 EURO PDF download
Ring BOX 30 EURO

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Double face super triple coin Eisenhower Dollar
80 EURO include Gimmick and shipping free

Routines  and Gimmick

70 EURO  include Gimmick and shipping free